Kristofer Hivju Posts Adorable Fan Art Of Tormund Gianstbane And Jon Snow To Thank Kit Harrington

This might be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

We all know that Game Of Thrones has ended but what we may not realize is that the actors who played our beloved characters also have to say goodbye to each other. And because of the long run of the series, they had become a sort of a family on set. And that can be seen from the relationship of Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie.

These actors made many new relationships on set. And the friendship between Kit Harrington and Kristofer is one of them. While their respective characters have come a long way from hating each other to becoming good friends, the real-life counterparts share a similar story (Except the hating part).

That is probably why Kristofer posted a beautiful post thanking Kit with adorable Fan Art that is sure to please any fan. So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Instagram

They have become brothers in a sense, and Kristofer realizes this.

He thanks Kit for the fantastic six years they spent together.

Via Kristofer Hivju

He even shares fan art of Jon Snow, Ghost and his character of Tormund Giantsbane.

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“Me and Kit talked about that. When we rehearsed the scene, it was like these two characters had so much history together.”

Via  lykoscrafts

“They have fought so many battles together. They have gone from being enemies to being very good friends. I felt there was an aura of grit in it, somehow.”

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“When I tell him: “You belong to the North — the real North,” it’s because he was with [Rose Leslie’s Ygritte], and she was like a sister to me.”

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“It feels like a long journey has come to an end. There are still two episodes to go; I’m not saying anything. But they fought the dead.”

Via alexmdc

“It was their objective for so many years. Now they can at least say goodbye.”

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And he promised to take care of Ghost.

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I promise on the Seven Gods, the Old Gods and the Free Folks’ non-gods because we don’t have any: I promise to take care of Ghost. I will feed him. I will clean him. I will treat him. I will be very cozy with him. I will not do anything other than be very nice to him.


As you can imagine, people were ecstatic to see the post.

It never forgets.

The best duo of the show indeed.

And I am sad to see it end.

Jon was never meant to be anywhere else.

That is…actually an ingenious idea.

I will honestly miss GOT.

That might actually be true.

Which duo would you miss the most from the show? Comment down below and let us know.

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