This Gillete’s New Ad Of A Father Teaching His Trans Son How To Shave Is Too Pure

Is it just me or is someone cutting onions?

Actually, I think it’s just Gillette’s new advertisement, and we all can’t stop crying. In case you haven’t seen this ad already, it shows how a loving and caring father helps his trans son shave for the first time. And believe me when I say that it is the purest thing I have seen in all day!

This ad has been the center of attention on social media ever since it came out! I mean surely it’s not the first time Gillette has come up with a non-typical kind of ad, but this one speaks on a completely different level. If Gillette really had to promote their products, they could’ve done it in a million other ways. The real focus here is on inclusiveness and spreading of love.

While the majority of people find this heartwarming and pure, others have theories of their own as they strongly believe in ‘other’ motives behind ‘such advertisement.’ So, I guess first you have to check out the ad yourself.

Here’s the ad everyone has been talking about.

And here’s what people think.

Coming up with this ad was indeed very thoughtful.

Oh my god! Best response so far!

That’s an interesting point actually.

While everyone is either appreciate or loving Gillette for their initiative, some people don’t agree.

Honestly, this is the kind of positivity we need.

But, oh well!

Do you think Gillette deserves appreciation for empowering transgenders or do you believe they are politicizing it? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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