10+ Comics About Love And Your Favorite Relationship Moments That Will Warm Your Heart

#11 When you need your hug battery recharged.

#12 When you don’t want anyone else to snatch them away.

#13 The different stages of dating.

#14 When you want to share their body heat.

Modern Girlfriend Cartoons.

These comics show that relationships can be affected by a lot of things and the artists behind these illustrations are Dami Lee and Brandom Sheffield.

#15 Sometimes you have to assure your partner.

#16 And then sometimes you have to comfort them.

#17 Then there are the times when you have to give them fashion advice.

Sarah Scribbles.

None other than Sarah Andeson draws the following comics. And we have taken this from her infamous series ‘Adulthood is a myth’.

#18 When you want them to notice your shaved legs.

Tuna Dunn.

Tuna Dunn studies graphic designing in Bangkok, and she has created the following comics about the things she has to deal with in a relationship.

#19 When you are too short to kiss your partner.

#20 Love makes you do weird things.

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