20+ Funny Illustrations That Depict The Life Of A Cat Owner In A Pawsome Way

Cats are equal parts annoying as they are charming

Any cat owner can tell you that, because it’s pretty much the life of all cat owners. You treat them with love and care, and in return, all you get is disdain. Until you get love, randomly, but then it’s the kind of love that forces you to stop doing whatever you’re doing and just shower in affection.

I own a cat too, and he’s a handful. This one time, he meowed me awake at 3AM to fill his food bowl, only to turn his nose up at it when I did and go to sleep on my pillow.

Cats, man.

These comics were made by Catsu, a group of talented people from Talinn, Estonia and their muse is a black cat named Dita. And they’re just fantastic




















You can find more about their work here.

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