Gay Man Totally Nails How Someone’s Sexuality Is Their Responsibility And Have Nothing To Do With Modesty

With all the Harvey Weinstein stories dying down, it’s important to have a conversation about it.

The #MeToo movement has been wonderful to the people of America, and the people of the world, outing many predators who abused their position of power and violated the trust of their employees.

Josh Weed is a gay man who, in a comprehensive twitter rant, explained the mind-boggling hypocrisy and ridiculousness of “Modesty.” He explains how he never understood how women were responsible for the reactions men had in response to them when no man is asked to be modest for arousing a gay man.

I’ll let him explain.

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And that makes perfect sense.

Modest attire is generally conservative or a covered up attire. Showing less skin, or less flesh is deemed unattractive, and when that happens, a woman is shunned for it. In society, a man is valued by the amount of money he makes and the amount of support he can give, and a woman is valued by her appearance.

Speaking of value, a woman should never have to defend herself for it.

The responsibility of your sexuality is your own and no one else’s.

These are gross double standards.

More than that, a victim is never at fault. They’re the victims. The whole point of a victim is you don’t want to be one.

You take responsibility for your actions, and you do what you need to do.

Everyone deserves a fair chance, and that includes valuing women because of their character, not because of their dress.

Like Jim Carrey said,

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