Girl Forwarded An Unsolicited Dick Pic To The Guy’s Grandma & This Is How She Responded

It’s never okay to send an unsolicited d*ck pic.

And yet so many guys do it anyway. Do they think that after seeing their d*ck a girl would just fall in love with him or something? Because sorry to break your bubble, but that doesn’t happen.

You’re more likely to get a “F*ck off” rather than a picture in return. And if you want to seduce a woman never send a d*ck pic unless she specifically asks for it. This guy, however, didn’t understand that.

And not only did he send a d*ck pic but he was also incredibly creepy and rude. You see, he decided it would be a great idea to contact an old classmate from High School and tell her how much he loved her. That girl was Tamira.

I was getting ready for work and distracted. I just wanted him to go away without hard feelings. He wasn’t scary like this in high school either, so I was unprepared.


Scroll down below to see how the whole conversation went and how Tamira responded.

The conversation even started out passive-aggressive.

And it took a while before Tamira could recognize who he was.

Before she finally realized who it was.

And he just dumped a whole of information on her.

But she was quite smooth in politely rejecting him.

However, he didn’t take the hint.

Which unsurprisingly, made her uncomfortable.

To which he apologized profusely for.

And the conversation went back to quite normal.

And they started to talk about their studies and career choices.

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