Girl Receives Unwanted Dick Pic, Forwards It To Guy’s Mum

We have all seen penises we weren’t supposed to see.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a guy, girl, or an Apache helicopter. We’ve all seen penises we really shouldn’t have seen. But for girls, it’s often far worse because of the sheer number of solicited images they receive.

We’ve covered Ryan Reynolds’ dad advice before, but I definitely agree with him on how a man should send photographs of his junk.

I’m kidding. Mostly.

Meet Scottish lingerie model Rebecca Mcgregor.

Rebecca Mcgregor || Facebook

Being a lingerie model means that a lot of people flock to you, and send crude and unnecessary messages. And getting nudes is definitely the worst of the worst she’d have to deal with. Even her instagram profile warns “Do not ask for/send me nudes.”

Nevertheless, it would seem that not everyone got the message

Rebecca Mcgregor || Facebook

So when a guy figures his junk is up to standards, and that it’s ethical, moral, and normal to send a girl pictures of it out of the blue, Mcgregor does not take it lightly.

So what did she do? She sent a screenshot to the guy’s mum.

Rebecca Mcgregor || Facebook

Not only did Glenn learn his lesson, any potential instigators that might follow in his footsteps were deeply deterred.

Rebecca Mcgregor || Facebook

It’s like Reynolds’ said. Sending a unsolicited dick pic is both lazy and useless. Send bouquets, like real men.

Mcgregor asked everyone that followed her to do what she did.

“Are you tired of unsolicited dick pics from creeps? Unwanted vulgar chat from strangers you’ve never spoken to?

Take my approach, screenshot it and send it to their MA.”

I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of anything more effective.

Rebecca Mcgregor || Facebook

She further elaborated by speaking her mind:

“I find the men sending these images really disrespectful and it makes me uncomfortable.

I’m not really like most of the girls these days that find it amusing or laugh at it.

I’m more old-fashioned. I believe that people should have to work before they get to see that kind of thing.

Boys use the word ‘grafting’ nowadays to mean they are trying to win over a girl, but they’re not really working because it’s a case of sending images and they end up sleeping with each other straight away.”

Mcgregor is definitely not a fan of modern day hookup culture.

Rebecca Mcgregor || Facebook

Having to deal with creeps like Glenn on a regular basis? No thank you. The Scottish model can be found on Facebook as well as Instagram.

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  1. ‘Revenge Porn’. Those found guilty of it, can be sentenced to up to 2 years in prison and a fine.

    What is Revenge Porn?
    Revenge Porn is the sharing of private, sexual materials, either photos or videos, of another person, without their consent and with the purpose of causing embarrassment or distress.

    The offence applies both online and offline, and to images which are shared electronically or in a more traditional way so it includes the uploading of images on the internet, sharing by text and e-mail, or showing someone a physical or electronic image.

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