Twitter User Predict What Happens To GoT Characters After The Finale And It’s Spot On

What happened to Ghost?

Or what did Tyrion do after? So many questions left unanswered after the dining. Not many people were filled with glee with the ending that I will just call ‘disappointing.’ Consequently, GOT fans have a lot of questions in their mind. After all was Arya able to find anything?

Well, one Twitter user has all the answers. No, she was not able to get a sneak peek from George R Martin since she simply made up what she thought made the most ‘sense’. So if you’re looking for more GOT, you’ve come to the right place.

Scroll on below and take a look at the true ending.

Source: Twitter

#1 Can’t say I will cry over this.

#2 And that is how the reign of the most annoying character ended.

#3 That should be in the dictionary.

#4 Well, Sansa got what she wanted.

#5 To be honest, I am happy for Davos.

#6 If only he had ended the one that mattered.

#7 I would say ‘that evil.’

#8 Makes sense.

#9 I am very happy to see this.

#10 As it always should have been.

#11 Possibly one with green eyes?

What do you think happened with all the rest ‘not-important’ characters? Comment down below and let us know.

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