Grandma Adopts A Cat And The Outcome Is Hilarious

Little Fern sure does love to play at night.

Who is little Fern, you ask? Well, a lovely cat adopted by a grandma who has fallen in love with the adorable kitty. While I do understand that cats can be a handful, they do repay you with their hilarious antics. And it is exceptionally sweet to see this Grandma sending pictures of her new kitty to everyone.

She named the adopted cat Fern. I think Fern is quite happy with the name and loves to wake up grandma in the middle of the night to tell her about all the new toys she is playing with. So scroll on below and take a look at these adorable pictures of Fern that grandma loves talking about.

Source: Imgur

Who wouldn’t fall in love with that face?

This floof apparently loves someone brushing her.

This is exactly how I look like when I am hungry.

Well, to be honest, the name does suit her perfectly.

Fern has already got so many toys! I’m impressed.

If someone woke me up at 2 am, I wouldn’t be laughing.

Let’s end with this picture of Fern’s adorable yawn.

Do you still want to adopt a cat after this? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share with your friends because at the end of the day, who doesn’t love some cat pictures?

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