Guy Assumes A Girl Wants Sex Just Because She Is Nice To Him, Gets Put In His Place Savagely

Would you think that your doctor wants sex just because he is nice to you?

No? You wouldn’t? But why not? I mean, isn’t he being kind to you just because of an ulterior motive? After all, nobody is a decent human being these days, right? Well, that must have been what was going through this guy’s mind.

What else can explain his embarrassing situation? Okay, let me explain this a bit. You see, a guy named Brad thought that a girl wanted sex just because she was nice to him.

Now, many people try to be nice to others, and I am quite sure they don’t want to f*ck everyone they meet. Although thankfully this girl responded quite well to ‘Brad.’

Wait, being nice to someone means you automatically want sex?

So should we not all try to be decent human beings?

I mean, why try if everyone is going to assume these things?

So apparently if you have the same taste in music, that means you are flirting. Good to know.

Really? She is the one being called the b*tch here? Alright.

The comments were just as hilarious as the original post.

Well, that doesn’t happen anymore. Netflix and chill is basically code for ‘Wanna f*ck?’

Apparently, it is wrong to be a nice human being.

I don’t feel sad for him at all though.

I get that he made a mistake, but he was just too rude. He should have just accepted that she wasn’t into him and moved on.

Very good advice, to be honest.


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