Guy Shares Insane Story Of Accidentally Smuggling Drugs And It’s A Lesson For All

Unexpected plans are always the best.

Imagine you’re just casually sitting home one day when suddenly your friend calls and asks if you want to go on the best trip of your life? And you randomly say yes. So, you both head out expecting a good time and not knowing that you’d end up finding $40000 worth of heroin instead. It’s not an everyday ‘crazy adventure,’ now is it? Well, get ready! Because we are about to share with you a SHOCKING story.

And trust me when I tell you that the ending is nothing like what you have in mind. Shane Morris shared this story, and this is his first-hand experience of how his road trip that was meant to be peaceful turned into something totally different.

Scroll on below and read the entire account in his own words.

It all started with a random phone call from a friend.

Shane, along with his friend, makes all the necessary arrangements and embarks on the most memorable journey of his life.

To make the trip more comfortable, they decided to buy a van.

Next, they stopped in Santa Barbara.

Everything was going perfectly!

That’s when Shane decided to make some minor modifications to the van.

All in all, everything seemed to be going smooth; it was peaceful.

They camped at Mt. Shasta and enjoyed the view.

The van they were driving was quite old, so it needed some fixing.

Now, here’s the beginning of the part that changed Shane’s life.

Apparently, it was a ‘brick of heroin’ tapped inside the rusty van.

Funnily enough, just as they made this exciting discovery, they found out they were not alone.

It was at that moment they knew they were screwed.

Luckily nothing happened even though it was a close call.

It turns out they did exactly what anyone would do in their situation.

Now, this is where everything goes wrong.

Well, guess what? The person who the brick belonged to is somehow now in the picture.

However, Shane managed to outsmart him.

Imagine making over 40 grand by just exploiting the situation.

So, he quickly got in touch with the guy he sold the van to and started making arrangements.

It sure was a hassle, but it was all worth it.

To make everything look more genuine, he added a little twist.

The only thing left was to make a fake heroin brick.

And after that it was showtime!

Everything seemed to be in control until he realized he got mixed up with the wrong people.

No one suspected anything; the plan worked.

Or did it?

They agreed on $5000.

But, this is where sh*t actually got real.

He got caught!

However, there was some room for doubt.

Though he talked his way out of the mess, it was still not over.

Just when he thought it would be okay, he found himself in yet another situation.

They were the same guys.

And they finally found out…

It was a life and death situation, so Shane escaped when he got the chance.

He continued to play dumb and actually made it out alive.

As it turns out, they were MS-13 gang members.

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