Guy Gets Hit With A Baseball Bat For Holding An Absurd Sign And Internet Just Made It 100 Times Better

Let’s make one thing clear: No one deserves rape.

No one deserves inhuman treatment, and no one deserves humiliation of any kind. But, here we are living our lives in a world where people like Dean Saxton who promote hatred and violence, exist.

In case you don’t know about the viral video already, we are talking about the controversial street ‘Preacher’ Dean Saxton who goes around telling people that Muslims are terrorists, homosexuality is a sin, and that women who are not true Christians deserve to be raped. Yeah, you read that correctly. This is the kind of preacher we have that no one wants.

So, here’s what happened. A while back Saxton was demonstrating in front of Apollo High School where he was telling students that they’re going to hell and that women should be raped. A lot of people confronted him and even asked him to stop, but he didn’t listen. At last, he stopped his nonsense when finally someone smacked him in the back of his head with a baseball bat. (Yeah, it took a blow to the head with a baseball bat to stop him).


Saxton posted the entire video on youtube. Check it out below:

Though the assailant was not captured on film, a couple of weeks later, Tabitha Brubaker, 19, was arrested and was charged with assault. In her statement, she “advised that she had no involvement with the incident.” However, after a few trials, she was jailed for 60 days despite the efforts from her supporters who raised funds for her bail.

Anyway, sometime later Saxton was charged with assault himself when he hit a sophomore from the University of Arizona. He was even banned from the university for a year. However, he didn’t quit and returned a year later to ‘preach’ about how homosexuals are sinners and how students who year ‘yoga pants’ deserve to be raped.

But this time people didn’t say quiet and apparently had a lot to say to him.


All these tweets make perfect sense and are totally on point!

Jessica DickensWokeAFMediamsmadscientist7

I think we are all in agreement here.


After all, he didn’t specifically ask anyone NOT to beat him up. Of course, he was asking for it.


Here’s how other people responded.

Honestly, it feels incredible to see everyone united against people who clearly need to be stopped.

So, let this be a warning for those who share the same sick ideas as Dean Saxton. You are alone; we are united.

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