This Guy’s Story Of How He Met His Wife At Graveyard Should Be A Hollywood Movie

If something is meant to be, it will happen even under the most unusual circumstances.

They say love finds its way. That’s quite true. Especially if we consider how things turn around in the most unexpected situations, it’s like when you go to the grocery store to buy milk, but you end up buying everything else but the milk. Now, that might be a weird way to put all this, but the point is, if something is bound to happen, it will.

The following story serves as a perfect example of what’s mentioned above. A guy finds the love of his life in not only the most unusual place but also in the most unexpected way. Now, I know this is not the first time we are reading about couples that somehow end up together in the cemetery, but I assure you, this story is definitely a lot more amusing.

So, what are we waiting for? Scroll on below and see how this guy found the love of his life.


It all starts with a man visiting his father’s grave.

Soon this man found himself emotionally attached to a guy he never met.

After doing a little research, he made a shocking discovery.

Now, it was time to set things right.

But little did he know, he would end up finding someone very special.

Image credits: Lost Lectures

Here’s how people reacted to the story.




It sure sounds like a tale straight out of a novel.




It would be fun to watch this entire thing as a movie.





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