‘Nice’ Guy Sends A Vile List Of ‘Improvement’ Tips To Woman Three Months After Their First Date

Classic “nice” guy.

Imagine being a girl, just imagine. Because men can only think of going through the massive list of problems a girl goes through. From being physically fit to looking spectacular. From being crushed in menstrual pain to carrying a baby in the womb for so long and being “sexy” enough for lusty men out there, who want our bodies, not hearts. Men, at least most of them, have broken our hearts by what they want from us. A broken heart doesn’t hurt that much because a heart was never what the flesh praisers wanted. All some men want is our sugarcoated, “sexy” bodies.

This article is a classic example, as it shows from A-Z, factor to factor, of how materialistic some men can be.

Scroll down and see it for yourself!

images via: facebook.com/kiimmmeeee

Meet Kimberley.

24-year-old Kimberley Latham-Hawkesford, from Morecambe, England went out on a Tinder date with a guy, which three months later, was followed by a heartbreaking message from Luke James. This would’ve caused her a lot of insecurity.

Kimberley states that things were going just fine till the plot twist at the bar. She was asked if she was planning to get plastic surgery in the near future. Also, showed her his bank balance after Kimberley offered to pay. Luke even told her shops to find clothes for their next “date.” Can he be any more inhumane?

The “Long awaited” message.

Three months later, Luke messaged Kimberley on Snapchat, letting her know why he didn’t follow up on her after their one and only date. Also, he attached a long list of what he wanted from her.



The message isn’t finished yet.

You are a piece of shit, Luke. You really are!

Kudos to Kimberley, you go girl!

Men like Luke are purely disgusting and vile. They don’t get us to modify our bodies for their sake. We clearly know what most men want; this is a classic example.

Kimberley, be thankful that you didn’t get a second date, or you now know what misery of a person would’ve come your way. Cheers to you! You deserve the best!

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