Guy Takes Revenge On Wife Who Cheated On Him With His Best Friend And It’s Just Legendary

Cheating is clearly one of the worst things you can do to someone.

That too, if you cheat on them with their own BEST FRIEND. Yeah, you got that right. Sucks doesn’t it? I mean, if it so happens that you fall out of love with your partner why not just tell them and end the relationship? What’s the point of pretending in front of them while you’re sleeping with someone else? That way, you are ensuring that they suffer a tremendous heartbreak and become miserable. Pure evil if you ask me.

Well, you see that’s exactly what happened with the guy in the following story. Wife cheated on this guy with his best friend and kept it a secret until he found out himself. Though the guy was utterly shattered and devastated, he decided to take revenge on both his ex-wife and his former best friend in a way that will ruin them both.

Scroll down and read the account below to find out how he took the ultimate revenge.

Here’s what he posted on Reddit.

It all started with an unexpected email discovery.

And it wasn’t long before everything unveiled.

The way his wife blatantly admitted is the most shattering part.

But this is not a small matter, so he decided not to sit quietly.

He started getting all the facts right in his head and eventually came up with a masterplan.

Now finally, it was showtime!

Funnily enough, it didn’t end there.

The most satisfying moment, perhaps, was when he revealed to them that it was him all along.

So, what do you think of this revenge? We leave it to you to decide whether it can be justified or not. But let’s not forget that treachery is not acceptable and this man was betrayed by both his best friend  AND his wife.

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