Sexist Guy Said He Wanted To ”Punch A Feminist In The Face” And It Instantly Backfired

Is violence really necessary?

I mean can’t we solve most of our problems like adults with mature conversations?Instead of being passive-aggressive and trying to use the anonymity of the Internet. Can’t we all just be honest?

I know I am asking a lot maybe being too optimistic too, but we all get tired from all the sh*t that we see on the Internet every day. And we all know many people hate ‘feminists.’

I consider myself a feminist and I certainly know that many feminists just take it a bit too far. But a few people shouldn’t reflect on the whole bunch.

However, when one person posted the following.

I’d very much like to punch a feminist.

I’d never, ever hurt a lady but I’d be happy to punch a feminist.

It’d bring me great joy.

All the feminists of the world came together to ‘punch’ him back.

I don’t think he knew that feminists look like this.

He might have thought that all feminists are helpless little ‘ladies.’

But we are most definitely not. We range from certified soldiers to tiny people, but our will is strong.

Of course! We can never have too many in this fight.

Ah damn, don’t think he wants to anymore.

This post is actually quite old. But it recently gained attraction when one Twitter user thought to repost it. It definitely goes to show that we as a society are capable of coming together when needed.

There are no fighting rules after all.

I think the guy might have finally realized his huge mistake.

Because we are ready when he is!

They are probably too stupid to recognize that everyone is equal.

Even the tiny ones are here to fight.

So are you ready to fight too!? Or are you just going to take it and say nothing!? Okay, maybe I am a bit too fired up.

Well, anyway comment down below as to what you thought about the original post and what he said.

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