10+ Clever Halloween Costume Ideas For Pregnant Ladies That Are Too Awesome

Pregnant Ladies Don’t Have To Feel Left Out Anymore.

Halloween is the only time of the year where you can dress up as your favorite character, and nobody will think you are weird. However, that usually doesn’t apply to someone who is pregnant. I mean, what costume should they wear?

Pregnant ladies already have a lot to deal with and missing on Halloween festivities can leave anyone in a bad mood. That is exactly why we have compiled the following list. Nobody should ever miss out on Halloween.

#1 A Beer Belly Costume Because Why Not?

#2 We All Know There Is Definitely A Treasure There.

#3 Special Attention To The Very Cute Officer Handing Over The Loot.

#4 Definitely Mommy’s Little Sweetie.

#5 Who Wouldn’t Want To Go As Winnie The Pooh?

#6 No Need To Worry, No Actual Walls Were Harmed.

OH YEAHHH #pregnanthalloween

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#7 Because Missing Out On Halloween Will Be Despicable.

Mama Minion ? #32weekspregnant #pregnanthalloweencostume

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#8 That Is One Cute Little Pumpkin.

#9 No Need To Catch Them All Anymore.

Gotta catch em all…? #happyhalloween #pokeball #pregnanthalloweencostume

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#10 This Mother Knows All The Answer.

When in doubt, google It! #halloween #pregnancycostume #magic8ball #googleit

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#11 The Complete Breakfast.

The complete breakfast! #happyhalloween #familycostume #pregnantcostume

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#12 There Cannot Be A Captain Hook Without His First Mate.

Hook and Smee #halloween #zooboo #preggo #disney #couplescostume #pregnancycostume

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Which one of these did you like most? Did you get any new ideas for your bun in the oven? Or do you already have a costume? Well, comment on below as we would love to know.

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