10+ Doggos Who Are Living Proof That There’s Still Good In World

Dogs are great at sensing things.

They can sense when things are going wrong around them and how to help their owner. The world is filled with examples where doggos save lives every day, from supporting their owners through hard times to providing help to people with disabilities.

That is why today we are going to celebrate these good doggos who work harder than most humans. These dogs should definitely get heroic medals because they deserve all the love they get. So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Helping the disabled surfer.

Via Surf Dog Ricochet

#2 Saved my little brother.

Via dogshaming

#3 Kept his owner warm for 24 hours.

Via McLaren Hospital Northern Michigan

#4 Service dog with Lucas.

Via Lucas Hembree

#5 Amanda saves her puppies from a fire.

Via teleSUR tv

#6 Comforting Orlando shooting survivors.

Via Sasha Comfort Dog

#7 Studying hard.

Via duuuk

#8 During 9/11.

Via Denise Corliss

#9 Layka gets shot and wounded saving US troops.


#10 Court dog to calm down children.

Via lizzibear11

#11 Need I say more?

Via The Post and Courier

#12 Service dog.

Via derawin07

#13 Some solace during times of war.

Via Pixabay

#14 Military dogs being deployed.

Via Boonaki

#15 Good boy calming down the autistic boy during an MRI scan.

Via Louise Goossens

#16 Tourism station master.

Via peristalsister

#17 Helpful assistant.

Via lehnni

#18 Warrior canine connection service dog.

Via exploreorg

Did these good boys/ girls melt your heart? Comment down below and let us know.

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