The harsh reality of being a black child in America, told in a 10-part comic.

A 2007 study reveals some heartbreaking facts

The Department of Justice did a study in 2007, nearly a decade ago, and found that police were more partial to non-white races. Black and Hispanics were three times as likely to be searched. Blacks were also two times more likely to be arrested, and four times more likely to be handled aggressively or violently by the police.

With these statistics in mind, it’s no wonder POC families have to have an unfortunate talk with their children.

Devin C. Hughes posted a comic at Medium illustrating “the talk” given. If the police bias is a problem in the US, then everyone, regardless of race, should read this.

The comic begins with the child playing Cops and Robbers

And the father tells the son some unfortunate truth

No matter what they do, always be on your best behaviour

You can just see the heartbreaking look on the boy’s face

Original comic source: Medium



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  1. Shouldn’t that be common sense? Regardless of race? Act friendly and keep your hands visible the police officer has no reason to think you mean harm. I can keep a knife in my pocket and if I act aggressive and if cops are assaulted/shot commonly in general (they are) and my hands are in my pocket, the cop is going to be jumpy. Not saying racism isn’t a thing, and that some police do profile, but this should be something every child understands.

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