10+ Hilarious ”Incorrect” GoT Quotes That Will Make You Feel Better Since GoT Is Finished Now

Who knew Jon Snow loved himself so much?

Well, judging by his ‘luscious’ hair, we should have realized this by now. I know what you’re thinking, you’re sad that GOT has ended and now there is nothing to watch every week (except thousands of shows that are still airing).

However, how will you even fill the hole that GOT has left within you? Well, it is very simple, by looking back at some of our favorite scenes in the show and then misquoting them. After all the show was never comedic except for Tyrion’s part.

Today we are going to re-write history (Just like how you wish the GOT ending could be re-written). So scroll on below and take a look.

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#1 Well, it is Arya.

#2 Crazy does have its appeal.

#3 Olenna the savage queen.

#4 Sums up Sansa quite easily.

#5 Wait, who was Robert again?

#6 Soon you won’t be able too either.

#7 That’s what Tyrion said he should do.

#8 That is sad.

#9 I feel you.

#10 ‘Counter it, eh?’

#11 It is very clear.

#12 Always the rebel, Cersei.

#13 Didn’t that actually happen?

#14 Very apt.

#15 How could she not?

#16 Also allergic to not being awkward.

#17 How would Jon Snow know that?

#18 Not really.

#19 He has done it loads.

#20 What else would you expect from Olenna?

#21 It seems ‘orange’ hair is all the rage these days.

#22 Shame.

#23 Jon not doing anything stupid? Don’t make me laugh.

#24 True, indeed.

#25 Nobody could argue with that.

#26 Depression can do that.

#27 Would say the same thing to Daenerys.

#28 Keeping it in the family.

#29 And yet he did what he advised against.

#30 Doesn’t everyone in GOT do that?

#31 As you should.

#32 You should work on your game, Jon.

#33 Its probably because they weren’t related.

#34 Nobody likes to be interrupted.

#35 Isn’t it called the needle though?

#36 Davos for the win!

#37 She did have ‘dragon wings’ for a while.

#38 The first time belongs to a special lady.

#39 Ain’t that the truth?

#40 And when she noticed, he ran way to Cersei.

What show would you be watching since GOT is over? Comment down below and let us know.

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