10+ Times Kids Said The Most Awkwardly Hilarious Things And Made Us Laugh

It is truly freeing to be a kid.

I should know, I was one a few years back. A kid can say almost anything, and it somehow sounds adorable and hilarious while the same thing coming from an adult would just sound weird. That is why when one person asked to share the oddest things children have ever said, many people joined in.

And as it turns out, this conversation is a goldmine for a few laughs. So if you want to marvel at how the brains of these little humans work, you have come to the right place. So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Imgur

Oh no! The sun will make her scream, indeed.

Wait, they are real!?

Cheese and chocolate together? Yum.

Wow, I wonder who’s gonna become the next best roaster.

If you think about it, they do look a little like penguins.

What else was he supposed to say? Good dog?

Who even likes cornbread?

He isn’t wrong.

Mind blown.

He should have put it in the chimney.

I always wanted to do that. I mean they smell so nice!

I would be pissed at this deception too.

That is a great question.

We should make squirrels a unit.

You don’t say.

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