These hysterical history memes are our only hope for educating the children

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with history.

It can be fascinating at times, or it can be incredibly annoying. But with how we’re so used to instant gratification, we don’t take the time to learn.

All we do is scroll through memes on the toilet. They’re quick and fun. Everything history is not. What if we could combine those two? Well, someone already had that idea. Introducing… @MemesOnHistory.

This is probably the easiest way to learn history nowadays.



They have been going viral on Imgur. I’m still not sure if that means people are learning history or just reading them for a laugh.


#1 Invading Poland.


#2 I think, it’s just the right time for this.


#3 The perfect gentlemen right here.


#4 Too Soon.


#5 They stand no chance.


#6 Victims Of Oppression.


#7 The overused picture.


#8 The bourgeois.

#9 The man seems like he is having more than just flashbacks.



#10 The ‘Iron Curtain’.


 #11 This is too advanced for Goth’s these days.


#12 Thats a threat, nobody wants to hear a second time.


#13 The baby boomer’s.


#14 Yup, that about sums it up.


#15 Nerdy Renaissance.


#16 Ahh, I still remember the olden days.

#17 This make me feel so much better about my life.


#18 Best advice, Iv’e heard all day.


#19 If i were you, I wouldn’t bet on either of em.


#20 That’s what you call motivation.


#21 Not many women retained their heads for long in the olden days.


 #22 I would certainly go to this class everyday.


#23 It’s no use, He is gone.


#24 Teddy Roosevelt and the meatpacking industry.


#25 “I saw it first! so it naturally belongs to me.”


If only our schools used these methods to teach. I am confident that nobody would ever miss a single class. Wouldn’t it be much more exciting for teachers too.?

I don’t know about all of you, but I certainly know a lot about history now. Just don’t question me, and everything will be okay.




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