10+ People Who Did Horrible Experiments With Food And You Would Be Lucky If You Can Scroll Down Without Barfing

#11 Big Mac parfaits. Why?

via grillsportverein.de 

#12 This shells and cheese martini.

via Twitter: @tbhjuststop 

#13 A Ramen and cheese sandwich. Why do people do this?

via cheypowell.tumblr.com 

#14 What kind of uncultured swine microwaves mayonnaise?

via phisobi.tumblr.com

#15 A very disgusting Photoshop edit.

via reddit.com 

#16 Really bad art.

via Twitter: @emofucc 

#17 He got arrested for his Pop tart with cheese sandwich, and rightfully so.

via Twitter: @cjorgensen79

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