10+ Men Who Didn’t Understand How Female Bodies Work And Humiliated Themselves

You mean to say, I can just stop my periods?

There is a lot of misinformation regarding woman and their bodies in the media today, and most of it is because parents don’t teach their kids properly and would like to hide them from the ‘evils’ of this world.

For example, periods are a natural phenomenon that every woman goes through, so it should be pretty normal. However, people have made it such a taboo subject and many men don’t even understand how a female body works. So, they live their lives spreading this misinformation to others.

This is exactly what these men are doing. Some are misogynists while some are straight up stupid, you decided. Scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Imgur

#1 Maybe that is why my skin always looks so bloody after a shave?

#2 Perhaps a man should lay with a man then?

#3 Facts right here.

#4 Never heard of this superstition before.

#5 So men have another skin layer?

#6 Exactly like in that show Santa Clarita.

#7 Have you heard of menopause?

#8 Of course, a bloody wet pad is not at all disgusting.

#9 I would love to hear about this supposed case.

#10 For this lady, it might work.

#11 I feel bad for his past and future girlfriends.

#12 No wonder doctors stop you from breastfeeding.

#13 You mean to say I could do that all this time?

#14 I think your stupidity is pretty funny.

#15 I sincerely hope this woman doesn’t get pregnant.

#16 ‘Nice guys’ right!

#17 I can’t deal with this anymore.

#18 Our bodies are so confusing.

#19 I am proud of those women.

#20 Just the dirty ones have periods.

#21 Control our bladder? WTF?

#22 Oh wow.

#23 Yup, we are indeed very childish.

#24 What even is this?

#25 This is what misinformation can do.

#26 I should have known.

#27 Does he think woman are unable to fart or something?

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