This Guy Tried To Explain How To Be A “Beautiful Woman” And It Backfired Instantly

Does anyone remember that guy on Twitter who asked women not to dye their hair “crazy colours?”

Yeah, he is back at it again. Did you know he is a speaker and author? Yikes. Mansplaining seems to be his speciality as he just can’t leave women alone. Alexander J.A. Cortes considers it his national duty to tell women how to live their lives.

Thanks, but no thanks. He recently came up with a list on Twitter, guiding women on how to be “beautiful.” Can you believe that? Well, thankfully Twitter didn’t disappoint us and roasted this guy to crisp. Check out the tweets below:

Here is the list:

He believes women are born just to get the approval of men.

Any decent human being would get mad at this.

I didn’t know Jesus was this and self-obsessed.

Under fucked is apparently a thing.

He rates women on a scale.

He made a list on how to be a better wife too. Wow.

Fat shaming too.

And he warned people against women who get mad at this thread.

He thinks women are sexually attracted to him. LOL.

And then rolled in the roasts.

I’ll take it all as a joke.

How can anyone agree to this crap?


THIS guy can get a date?

The perfect reply.

Guys can be beautiful women too.

Get a life, man.

He got a few lists in return too.

What do you think of his list? Let us know in the comments below.

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