Artist Tells How To Give Pill To Cats With Hilariously Accurate Comics

Getting your cat to take a pill is NOT an easy job.

In fact, saying “not an easy job” is an understatement; it’s nearly impossible. If you own a cat, you can probably relate to every bit of what we are saying. No matter how many tricks you use, your cat will ALWAYS refuse to swallow the pill. The funny part is, it’s not only a difficult task for us but also the vets!

While it is quite understandable why cats don’t want to swallow pills, we still need to give it to them as it’s a necessity and not an option. So, today, we will be teaching you exactly how to get your cat to take pills through a step-by-step guide.

Scroll on below and take a look at the ultimate guide for your fierce feline friend.


First things first, you need to suit up!

Identify the weakness and plan a counter attack.

Immobilize your opponent.

Beware of your opponent’s evil schemes; they might use an incantation to control you.

If need be, don’t be afraid to fall back and retreat.

Take advantage of the opportunity. (You may not get it twice)

Abide by the rules, regardless of the situation. Let your opponent know you’re ready to fight.

Seize the opportunity and strike!

And Voila! The victory is yours!

Accept the reality and understand that the war might still not be over.

Bonus Tip: In case the situation gets out of hand, immediately hide, call for backup and do not come out until the cavalry arrives.

If you follow all the rules above, you are bound to survive and win, eventually. So, have you ever encountered your vicious feline friend in a battle before? Let us know the details in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share your combat techniques with us!

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