15+ Illustrations That Depict A Surreal Visualization Of Painfully Familiar Situations

Renowned and talented artist Rafael Alvarez has won many awards

He’s also done a lot of work for Playboy Magazine, American Express, Paramount Pictures, and countless others. The work he creates has been appreciated by many art experts and has won him lots of incredibly prestigious awards.

The illustrator is of Spanish descent, currently in Brooklyn, New York. His skill is his ability to create an essay is just one image. Alvarez also runs the Rafa Alvarez Studio.

The piece he’s most proud of is Hotel Pandemonium, an interactive ebook application.

#1 Putting a filter on your life

#2 Media telling you what to say, speak, see or think

#3 Hotel Pandemonium

#4 Value of a degree

#5 What television teaches you

#6 The reality of education, the poor carrying the rich

#7 Searching for happiness

#8 Lover’s demise

#9 Death is always waiting

#10 Beauty between the beasts

#11 The moon sees it all

#12 Human beings are social animals

#13 Christmas

#14 Acting your age

#15 What American taxes do

#16 A city summer

#17 Calm before the storm

#18 Drama and love

#19 Everything is a battle royale

You can find more about the artist on his website or his behance.

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    • This is absolutely hilarious. My name is also Nick and I was thinking the exact same thing, only to see your comment.
      This is what happens when someone has artistic ability without the mind to back it up…this person doesn’t even understand what taxes are for.

      • Crazy! I am Nicole, and I Thought the exact same things! Take a social theory class and lay off the cliche cultural critique.

  1. Im thinking that the author just threw in all these interpretations of the picture without a thought. Last one is literary a Japanese series fanart.

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