Woman Complains About Immodest Swimsuit Which She Put It On Upside Down And Hilarity Ensues

What better way to beat the heat and cool off in summer than to spend a whole day at the beach?

And not just any beach; we’re talking about beaches in Ibiza! If you’ve ever been to the Ibiza’s beaches, then you know just how great their summer beach parties are! Not only do they guarantee you and your friends a good time, but they can also get pretty wild!

Such was the case of this one particular young woman who went to Ibiza’s beach, and while partying hard, she got a bit too drunk and accidentally wore her swimsuit upside down.

What followed next was totally hilarious. Check it out below:

Twitter: Emma Milroy

Here’s Lyndsey Brown, everyone!

Lyndsey was having a good time at the beach until she went to the bathroom and noticed that her new swimsuit was all ‘stretched out’ and looked completely inappropriate. Enraged at the ‘poor quality’ of the swimsuit, Lyndsey messaged the company she bought it from and asked if it was meant to ‘stretch out.’

Here’s what she wrote.

As it turns out, there was nothing wrong with the swimsuit; she just wore it upside down. Here’s how the company replied back.

Well, that was that! And if you think about it, it was an honest mistake. She did it unintentionally, and it can happen with anyone.

Anyway, Lyndsey took to Twitter to clarify that afterwards when she was ‘kicked out’ of the beach, it was not because of ‘indecent clothing’ but because she was drunk.

Here’s how some people reacted to this thread.

I don’t blame her, it really is funny!

She’s right!

Well, that was Lyndsey Brown and her story. Has anything like this happened to you when you were drunk? Let us know in the comments below.

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