Bride’s Friend Makes An Insane Set of Rules For Bachelorette Party And It’s Too Much

Ah, the joys of bachelorette parties and the rules set by our “friends.”

You see, in our carefree high-school and college days, we usually don’t care if we attend parties that require us to follow specific instructions; we’re just in for a good time! However, not all parties in life are the same; some parties are totally dedicated to us where we expect nothing but love and support from our friendsbachelor/bachelorette parties.

Bachelorette parties are dedicated to that one member of the squad who is now about to get married. The sole purpose of these parties is to make the person getting married feel special and genuinely happy! But, as it appears, we don’t care about that at all sometimes.

Following unnecessary rules can be as annoying as it sounds; in fact, it would make the least sense if the focal person set them, but obeying rules set by a ‘friend’ on YOUR bachelorette party? It’s stupid. You see, that’s precisely what happened when Emma(the bride-to-be) was forced to invite Taylor—a seemingly annoying friend who no one wanted around. At first, Emma explained why Taylor was uninvited; unhappy with the response, Taylor started ranting upon which Emma finally invited her.

Soon after the extended invitation, Taylor set some rules for the party and sent them out to everyone via email.

Read the rules below and check out the absolute absurdity.

Here’s a little background before we get right into it.

Behold! Here are the legendary instructions one should always follow to a friend’s bachelorette party.

Oh my god. This woman cannot be serious. Is this really happening?!

Don’t bring any drugs. How thoughtful!

So basically…

Here’s how some people reacted.

Well, it looks like everyone is going to disown her at the party! It’s obvious. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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