Internet Puts Woman To Place After She Mocked A Guy Who Wanted To Take Her To Applebee’s

We live in 2019, and it’s surprising how the status symbol is still a thing.

I mean, would it kill you to be grateful and a little down to earth? How do you brag about all your fancy possessions and then sleep peacefully at night? Do you even feel guilty for belittling others for their way of living? If you are fortunate, why not thank God, be grateful and mind your own damn business? No one wants to hear about fancy clothes and expensive dinners.

You might feel like I’m too harsh right now, but after you read the following post and see what this woman did with her date, you’ll wholeheartedly agree. Believe me when I say money REALLY isn’t everything. I have seen rich people miserable and less fortunate people happy.

Now, I know the meme that says “I’d rather cry in a BMW than on a bicycle” fits here perfectly, but this is beyond that. It’s serious and it’s real. Our words can hurt people beyond repair so if we can’t do any good we shouldn’t harm anyone either.

Anyway scroll on below and see how the internet responded to this woman’s absolute absurdity.

Here’s what she posted.

This is how one user responded and honestly this person is speaking for all of us.

They all have a good point.

I wonder if the woman has $2.1 billion.

This should definitely be a test.

The chances are all of this is true.

Internet 1-0 Stuck-up Woman

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