Internet Slams Bridezilla Who Demanded Her Friend With Cancer To Wear Wig On Her Wedding

A wedding is never complete without the presence of your loved ones. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone.

Some people care more about the aesthetics of their wedding than enjoying the most precious day of their lives in the presence of the people who genuinely love them. It shouldn’t matter if someone is sick or is looking ugly. The only thing that should matter is that they took time out to be there for you on your most important day.

A whole decade has passed, but sadly some of us didn’t leave behind our toxic traits with it. Recently, a bridezilla lost a bridesmaid and her good friend because of her inconsiderate behaviour. You see, when the bridezilla found out that one of her bridesmaids has cancer and that she’s losing hair, she started having second thoughts. Instead of appreciating and admiring her effort, she messaged in a group chat asking her other bridesmaids whether or not she should invite her to the wedding.

Scroll on below and read what happened next:


Here’s a screenshot from her group chat.

It wasn’t long before Mader found out what her “friend” had been saying.

It’s still no excuse to treat your friends like that.

Seeing her insensitive remarks, I think we can all agree with Mader’s reply.

To clear things up the person who shared these screenshots on facebook said:

These aren’t my texts and I’m not the bridesmaid that has cancer. The bridesmaid called out the bride for her hateful behavior by posting their conversation on Facebook. I thought I was pretty desensitized to terrible people doing and saying terrible people things but this shocked me a little so I took screenshots of the post and uploaded them here so I could post them on a Bridezilla subreddit but I mistakenly forgot to make them “hidden”. I apologize to y’all for the confusion. It wasn’t intentional and I’m sorry.
As far as it being fake, I can say with absolute certainty that the bridesmaid DOES have cancer but since they’re not my texts, I have no way of proving whether the conversation occurred or not. From what I saw, the post seemed legit but that’s just me. I felt like she was being genuine by you never know with this kinda thing online. So I readily admit that the convo being fake certainly is a possibility. Again, I’m sorry for not providing the context to begin with and for not setting them to hidden. I’ve had the Imgur app for a while now but I haven’t used it very much so I’m kinda still figuring out how to use it properly.

Here’s how the internet responded to the whole incident.

Couldn’t have said it better!

There’s no justification for this.

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