‘Jimmy’s Famous Seafood’ Roasts PETA After They Advertise Next To Their Restaurant

As long as we have Twitter, entertainment is guaranteed.

You see, everything that’s good on the internet pretty much comes from Twitter. Whether it’s some hilarious thread, a funny thought, or a Twitter feud, it’s always amusing. To further strengthen our claim, we are going to provide you with some undeniable evidence.

Sometime back, PETA was completely roasted for putting up their billboard at a very wrong place—next to one of ‘Jimmy’s Famous Seafood’ restaurants. Now, no one knows for sure whether it was intentional or unintentional but what we know for sure is that PETA had no idea what was coming their way. It’s kinda like when one time Wendy’s roasted Mcdonald’s except that the following case is much funnier.

Read all the tweets below and enjoy!


PETA probably didn’t know it but this is exactly where it screwed up.

Now it must suffer the consequences.


It was not long before other people decided to jump in.

Unfortunately for them, Jimmy’s were prepared for everyone and everything.

Hold up, it’s getting intense!


Oh no!

Jimmy’s is on fire!

Okay, wow.

At this point, they should change their name to Jimmy’s famous roasts.

Nice comeback.

I have no idea how will that guy ever recover from this sick burn.

This guy is quite persistent. We gotta give him credit for that!

Oh my god…

I would be wide awake too.

Now, that’s what I’m talking about.

MJ is the real MVP, tho.


He actually replied.

I’m not sure who is operating this Twitter account but that person is definitely doing a fine job.

PETA is done for.

Yes, please.

Oh, look who finally decided to respond.



Can’t argue with that!

It’s funny how it actually makes sense.

Ah, a word from PETA in defense.

But we all know the reality.

So, I think it’s unanimous that ‘Jimmy’s Famous Seafood’ has won this battle!

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