J.K. Rowling Shuts Down Tomi Lahren In Most Savage Way Over Trans Rights And Twitter Can’t Stop Applauding

In case you were out of the loop, let me fill you in

J.K. Rowling is pretty opinionated and vocal on Twitter. She’s regularly discussing topics and ideas that are in the middle of a controversy for one reason or another. And because of Twitter’s character limit, it always ends up being witty and concise.

In come Tomi Lahren

Lahren is an outspoken conservative known for generally going out of her way to instigate some kind of reaction from other people. Also known as “triggering” people, which is a pretty stale way to get confirmation about things. Just because you’re offensive, doesn’t mean you’re right.

#ThankYouMaddow that was a big league jackass moment in your career! New Final Thoughts posted now. #TeamTomi #MAGA #trumptaxes #liberaltears

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Anyway, as Trump recently banned trans from entering the military, Lahren was celebrating.

To which, Rowling replied.

Of course, there are people who said that since she’s a UK resident, her opinion on US politics is unnecessary

So what do you think?

Should J.K. Rowling continue her endless Twitter onslaught, or does being a British citizen limit her ability to understand American politics?




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  1. Obama deserves ZERO credit for bin Laden. As a military member it was THE MILITARY who killed him, it was INTELLIGENCE that found him. LITERALLY any president would have ordered the kill.

    But hey, Obama did BRAG about the killing for his own selfish glory and named the SEAL Team that killed bin Laden. That SEAL Team was speficially targeted because of Obama and many SEALs died the following two weeks. FUCK OBAMA. That traitorous fuck.

  2. Personally, I am shocked that Obama let the SEALs get Osama as Obama was not exactly working against the Radical Muslims as he should have been. He did more damage to race relations in our nation than you know, and that will take years to fix. Serious setbacks there folks. We are just lucky he is gone.

    Then both sides tossed up bad choices, but I think we got the better of two bad choices, at least this one supports our nation and does not have a trail of bodies and corruption following him.

    Maybe next election we can get a good choice, but the liberals don’t want anyone that is pro-America, so we will see. . .

    And it would be nice to see the US stop funding the world’s crap, like the UN, Paris accords and more. We have enough issues at home and need to spend the money here not there. You folks can take care of yourselves for a bit.

  3. Kiru Mondi,

    Agreed!!! 100%!!
    Please do NOT forget the OTHER Presidents involved….Bush who INTIATED the manhunt for bin-laden..and dedicated himself and all future Presidents with said task..and, of course, CLINTON.
    Who DECLINED taking bin-laden into custody…PRE-911..rather, he ‘passed’ on the offer.

    • ” Let’s invade Iraq, I don’t give a shit about OBL.” The jest of what W thought about. OBL had no oil,Iraq did. You have to remember what the priorities were to W and his real brain Chaney.

  4. A fool is someone who is unwise, lacks sense, and lacks judgement. Fools don’t want to learn the truth. They laugh at the truth and turn their eyes away from the truth. Fools are wise in their own eyes failing to take in wisdom and advice from their betters, which will be their downfall. They suppress the truth by their self-righteousness. Fools are lazy, proud, they slander others, and live in repeated foolishness. It’s not wise to desire their company! Fools rush into danger without wise preparation and thinking about the consequences. SOURCE? Bible.

    Just because a fool has the right to voice his or her opinion does not mean they should. In fact, most comments only show how big of fools most Americans are these days. They THINK they’re so smart because they “read it on the Internet.” Forget decades of education, forget history, forget culture, law … if you read it on the internet, why, it must be true! FOOLS. America has more than its fair share of self-deluded fools. We are NOT number one, in anything except perhaps military prowess, and I doubt we’ll ever see the greatness we once were. Unless some of the YM’s get their faces out of fastfood and video games, this nation is not even going to make it’s 250th birthday.

  5. John Dalco, I’m French and I’m quite disgusted by what you just said about “having enough issues at home” and about “the US funding the world’s crap”. Do you realize that the US is responsible of the biggest part of the world’s pollution, alongside with China ? Therefore, US should respect the Paris agreement.
    You’ll say that it’s none of my business as I’m not american, but I’m an inhabitant of the world which we all share and I think we all have our part to play.

  6. I can honestly say i am proud to be an American but people like trump and there views are wrong we should be trying to work together as a whole but instead people like trump cause more problems then there should be he is in my opinion worse than Nixon he is a dictator that some of the ignorant population put in office that’s all i have to say

    • People like Trump because he doesn’t beat around the bush. The guy posted a meme that sent CNN into a meltdown, and he’s the exact anti-thesis of what the Media wants. A lot of Americans hate how they’re being forced to think a certain way, and how republicans were all looked as racist, redneck, gunloving, confederate flag waving nazis (Which Obama didn’t help with). So they like Trump as a fuck you to the media.

      • Not to the media, to anything that disagrees with them, big difference. :). “Forced to think a certain way”, like a man who uses twitter to form his own “Media” and then acts like a 3 year old anytime he’s in trouble, or caught with his pants down, or makes a mistake? And then blames someone else? Yep, what a guy. People like Trump because he’s a bigoted racist (That’s his main following, not all of them, but the main ones), and the man can literally change anything he said, even yesterday, on a dime, after it’s been recorded, or lead a crowd like puppets; and people don’t see a problem with it.

        It would be funny, if it weren’t so sad and pathetic.

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