Artist Depicts Daily Life Moments With His Wife, Kid, And Dog With These Hilariously Adorable Comics

These might be the most adorable comics I’ve ever seen.

Even though I have seen many comics with cats in them, this is on a different level. This adorable series is known as ‘Bundle of Joya’, and it is just as pleasant as it sounds. The artist behind this little viral series is Erez Zadok, and he has a lot to say about this comic.

An artist usually gets commissioned by others, in my case, writers. They are the ones that give the tone. This is one of the reasons why I decided to create my own stories based on true events in my life.

It brings me much joy to read all the fabulous responses from people all around the world, especially knowing it’s my pure creation. Besides that, I recommend every artist to stay creative.

Creativity is like going to the gym – in the beginning, it is hard but as you keep going, practice and persistence shows.


Since having their daughter, their life has become even more hectic and exciting, and that translates well into these relatable comics.

Source: Instagram | Facebook | erezadok

#1 Limited love.

#2 Much needed rest.

#3 Worthy title.

#4 Active baby.

#5 Time flies by.

#6 King baby.

#7 Compromise.

#8 Sick baby.

#9 Best husband ever.

#10 New position.

#11 Crowd shy.

#12 Dish master.

#13 Dream revenge.

#14 Pizza vs Sushi.

Which one of these comics did you like the most? Comment down below and let us know.

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