10+ Hilariously Accurate Comics Every Cat Owner Can Relate To

Who doesn’t love cats?

I mean most people do, but that doesn’t make them perfect. After all, have you seen a cat when she’s hungry? She is sure to scratch your legs, hands, or whatever she can find. I can understand why we love them since they can be fantastic cuddlers when they aren’t running away from you.

However, one thing is for sure that many new pet owners don’t really think about what they are getting into, and it always ends badly for them. That is why today we are here to show you how living with a cat is really like. Or more appropriately, Cody Stone, who is a brilliant illustrator, will be showing us what’s it like.

So scroll on below and enjoy the cat antics.

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This is the infamous Coral that you’ll be seeing a lot below.

In 2016, living in my own home, I thought it was time to get my first pet. A cat was always ideal since they seemed to be low maintenance (only slightly true). Coral was the first cat we picked up to hold, she climbed on my back, scratched the hell outta me and from then on, she owned me.

I never knew that cats had such a sarcastic personality on ’em. They have so many looks that reflect human ones that I get quite the kick out of seeing on a cat. Slow glazed blink. Eye rolls. Side eye. There was so much there, and from that, so much to draw from.


#1 Expensive toys.

#2 Seeing death.

#3 Tripping.

#4 Melting.

#5 Demon yawn.

#6 Butting in.

#7 Obstacle.

#8 Kill it with fire.

#9 ‘This is fine.’

#10 Cleaned up.

Originally, I wanted to animate on YouTube, but that idea came right when the YouTube format pretty much moved toward making long format videos the only viable career. Of course, I still wanted to animate but I also wanted it to be a career I can live on, and the financially viable career just wasn’t there for me.

So I decided to try comics on Facebook. Started the page WeFlaps and just started posting comics. It was at no cost, no worry of copyright, and didn’t take a long time to illustrate. After the summer, somehow the page had gained fifteen thousand page likes and it had only grown from there. Added a way for fans to support me with a merchandise store and it has become a full-time job for me ever since!


#11 Cute butt.

#12 Fatality.

#13 Cats vision.

#14 Triggered.

#15 Bitten.

#16 New record.

#17 Be my valentine.

#18 Toilets everywhere.

#19 Death by lace.

#20 Time limit.

#21 Calm dog.

#22 New friend.

#23 Questions.

#24 Nudge.

#25 Cat devil.

#26 Blind.

#27 Food time.

#28 Aliens.

#29 Scar.

#30 Suffocating love.

Are you still thinking of getting a cat? Well, at least we did our job by warning you. Why not share it with your friends so they can enjoy a few cat shenanigans too?

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