20 Memes Only Strong, Independent Females Will Understand

People often say you need a partner to be happy.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. No one needs anyone but themselves to be happy. Obligations to be nice to people even when they don’t deserve it. It’s definitely a bitchy/bastard way to behave, but who cares? It’s your life, and your choices, and you deserve happiness.

And these hilarious memes prove precisely that.

#1 Like a baby

#2 Eat what I want and look cute doing so

#3 Why do you work out?

#4 You’re valuable! Own it!

#5 “You’re a dick”. Can’t argue with that.

#6 Seek and ye shall find. Or not.

#7 Can’t hurt what you don’t have

#8 You should value yourself more than other people

#9 If they come for you, make sure they regret it

#10 Release the inner bitch

#11 The friendzone

#12 When your ex wants you back

#13 Bitch or playful

#14 Google doesn’t lie

#15 Doing your makeup is almost like becoming a new person

#16 I feel this on a personal level

#17 Take narcissism to a whole new level

#18 Don’t feel valued? Block.

#19 Kettle calling the teapot black

#20 One eyeroll = One dollar


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