20 Memes Only Strong, Independent Females Will Understand

People often say you need a partner to be happy.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. No one needs anyone but themselves to be happy.¬†Obligations to be nice to people even when they don’t deserve it. It’s definitely a bitchy/bastard way to behave, but who cares? It’s your life, and your choices, and you deserve happiness.

And these hilarious memes prove precisely that.

#1 Like a baby

#2 Eat what I want and look cute doing so

#3 Why do you work out?

#4 You’re valuable! Own it!

#5 “You’re a dick”. Can’t argue with that.

#6 Seek and ye shall find. Or not.

#7 Can’t hurt what you don’t have

#8 You should value yourself more than other people

#9 If they come for you, make sure they regret it

#10 Release the inner bitch

#11 The friendzone

#12 When your ex wants you back

#13 Bitch or playful

#14 Google doesn’t lie

#15 Doing your makeup is almost like becoming a new person

#16 I feel this on a personal level

#17 Take narcissism to a whole new level

#18 Don’t feel valued? Block.

#19 Kettle calling the teapot black

#20 One eyeroll = One dollar


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