Illustrator Re-Imagines Little Mermaid As A TrashMaid Living In The Modern Times

What if mermaids existed in the 21st century?

It might sound like a great thing. After all, who doesn’t like a bit of magic in their everyday lives? But, it is not as simple as it seems. You see, we humans love to throw our disgusting trash in the water, and we also like to use plastic that is not biodegradable and very bad for the environment.

So, while the idea of mermaids sounds absolutely amazing, the supposed mermaid would not live the life we imagine. Whoever came here looking for the little mermaid swimming around in the 21st century, I am sorry to say the truth is a bit darker than that. Scroll on below and take a look at some of the Trashmaids adventures.

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Meet the little Trashmaid, our protagonist.

#1 If the little mermaid discovered cigarettes.

That is to be expected.

#2 A lady doesn’t burp trash.

#3 Maybe try safety pins next time?

#4 This fight is stacked against the yellow crab.

#5 The sequel of jaws should have Trashmaid as its villain.

#6 Hmmm, which sponsored plastic bag to wear today?

#7 If you can’t get out of something, make it cute.

#8 Is this the shirt all the prophecies mention?


#9 Who doesn’t like lays balloons?

The modern mermaid wouldn’t have a pretty life like Ariel. She’d have to deal with our plastic.

The Little Trashmaid is a series of short comic strips about a mermaid in the modern day.

20% of all donations will be put towards directly funding ocean conservation organizations.

Stephanie Hermes

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