This Mother’s Rant About Vaccination Is Going Viral After Her 15-Day-Old Son Gets Exposed To Measles

Vaccines are for protection

No matter how much we stress the importance of vaccines, there will still be a need for more because it’s just that serious. In recent days, you must have read a lot about vaccines and how important they are for everyone. It’s mainly because people still see immunisation as more of choice than a necessity.

But what they don’t realise is that this mindset is harming everybody. Let’s not forget that because of these very vaccines we were able to eradicate measles in the year 2000. But slowly with time due to everyone’s negligence, we are here today experiencing a measles outbreak across the United States again. So at this point, I think its best to bring back something that’ll teach us all a valuable lesson.

Scroll on below and read the eye-opening story of a mother that quickly went viral.

Image credits: Jennifer Hibben-White

Here’s what Jennifer posted that got the attention of a lot of people.

Babies are dependant on herd immunity until they are at least 12 to 15 months old. In short, Griffin was too young for a vaccine.

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She was asked to stay away from children. But is that really the solution here?

People need to understand the facts and statistics before they jump to conclusions and declare vaccines as ‘unnecessary.’

It’s because of the negligence that we are here today. If we get ourselves vaccinated, we are not only saving our life but also the lives of others.

Image credits: Jennifer Hibben-White

She makes complete sense, and everyone needs to know this.

Her post went quickly went viral.

Image credits: Jennifer Hibben-White

And here’s how people responded.

While some people admired her, others shared their own stories. But the unanimity can be seen as everyone agrees that vaccines are essential.

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