‘Nice Guy’ Selling iPhone Goes All Crazy When This Woman Refused To Share Her Address

Many people act like being ‘nice’ is a trait.

While in truth, it is actually not. After all, it is common human decency to be nice not a trait that people should be proud of. And when most ‘nice guys’ are violent a**holes, it becomes clear why women don’t like talking to men they don’t know.

I am sure you have heard many stories about encounters of women with these ‘nice guys’, hell there is even a whole subreddit dedicated to just ‘nice guys’! Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying ‘nice girls’ don’t exist because they certainly do, but today we are here to shed light on what a ‘nice guy’ truly is.

So scroll on below and take a look at how this guy turns violent after this woman refuses to give out her home address.

From the start, this dude seems a little creepy with that ‘because you’re a woman?’ line.

He apparently wanted to ‘teach’ woman how stupid they are for fearing ‘nice guys’ like him.

And now he completely turned the script and started flirting with her.

He did another 180 and even threatened her. Does he understand irony?

I would think this is trolling too, but sadly people like these exist.

You told her to go die, but you also want her to respond to you?

This might seem shocking, but many women deal with this online every other day. It’s scary how common it is for many women to get threats from butthurt men with bruised egos. Comment down below and let us know how you usually deal with people like these.

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