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  • 21 Spot-On Tweets About Married Life That Hit Close To Home

    Marriage is a strange thing It’s like dating, except nothing like dating. But somehow it’s also like moving in with your bestfriend, but also being told what to do. It’s almost otherworldy, and there are so many instances that can make or break your happiness. Let’s face it, though. There are little things more heartwarming […] More

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  • 15 Hilarious Parenting Comics That Are Almost Too Real

    Brian Gordon is the artist behind Fowl Language While the comics involve little profanity, they certainly are hilarious. They revolve around ducks (hence fowl) and they’re absolutely hilarious. As a father himself, Gordon  knows what it’s like to deal with children, and he’s even created some comics inspired from his own life about parenthood. He stated: “My […] More

  • Having A Baby VS Having A Cat

    Theoatmeal is a fantastic comic artist They create equally thought-provoking, hilarious, and amusing comics. One of them weighs the pros and cons of having a baby vs having a cat. Don’t get me wrong, babies are adorable, but they can be a real handful sometimes.And cats can be trained, but if you try to train a […] More

  • 18 Tweets From Moms and Dads Showing the Essence of Parenthood

    Becoming a parent is a rollercoaster ride you’ll never forget. It can make you happy, sad, frustrated, and drive you crazy too. And, what better way to express your feelings with than covering your emotions with humour, of course? So, here are 18 tweets from moms and dads explaining what it’s like to be a parent. […] More

  • This Mom Had The Perfect Response When Her 4-Year-Old Daughter Called Her “Fat”

    Allison Kimmey is an international body-positive and self-love advocate She wrote “Glitter Stripes“, a body confidence book for children. In it, she describes the importance of how we talk about our bodies to our children and I don’t mean “The Talk”. She means about ways we approach certain aspects, such as stretch marks or fat. […] More

  • 15 Tweets From the Wittiest Daddy Ever

    Ryan Reynolds is a treasure From being an amazing and precious red superhero, he’s also an amazing person. He oozes charisma and good humor. But that’s not all. The man is also a father, and if his Twitter is any indication, his daughter has someone amazing to look up to. If you’ve seen any of […] More

  • The harsh reality of being a black child in America, told in a 10-part comic.

    A 2007 study reveals some heartbreaking facts The Department of Justice did a study in 2007, nearly a decade ago, and found that police were more partial to non-white races. Black and Hispanics were three times as likely to be searched. Blacks were also two times more likely to be arrested, and four times more likely […] More

  • 10 Parenting Mistakes We Should Try to Avoid

    It’s not at all easy raising a child It’s a heavy investment with not a lot of result. And while there are many books out there to tell you what to do, not all parents have the time or initiative to do so. That’s why over at brightside, a list was compiled of small instances […] More