Teachers Share Stories Of Parents Who’re Worse Than Their Kids

It all comes down to good parenting.

Blessed are those kids who have considerate and responsible parents. You see, becoming a father or a mother is very easy, but being a good parent is hard. A good parent is the one who is responsible and considerate and who teaches his/her child the RIGHT thing. If you’re raising your kid right, then believe me you’ve already given your child the most valuable gift you can ever possibly give.

That’s not all, a good parent is also careful about his/her own actions. You see, kids adapt and learn from their environment and by copying their parents. A child’s behaviour is the true reflection of his/her parents. So, if you think you are teaching your kid everything correctly, but at the same time you’re exhibiting bad/toxic behavior in front of them, then regretfully it’s of no use.

To give you a better idea of what’s happening around us, we have compiled some responses from teachers on Reddit with first-hand experience of what’s it like to deal with parents who are worse than their kids.

Scroll on below and check it out.


No wonder where the kid gets it from.

This is just sad.

Oh my.

It all starts at home.

Please pay attention to your kid, Karen.

Okay, wow.

Are people actually that stupid?

Good parenting is everything.


A child’s behavior says more than we know.

I didn’t expect this to be funny.

Is this for real?

If parents don’t care, we can’t really blame the children.

What’s happening in this world?!

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