10+ Lucky Passengers Who Sat Near The Most ‘Pawsome’ Passengers On Their Flight

Let’s talk about the perfect travel buddy!

No, we’re not talking about business associates, we’re not talking about your own friends, we’re not even talking about your relatives; we are talking about only the best boys in the whole world!

These boys are surely your best friends! And imagine them as your travel buddies. They won’t take over your armrest, and they won’t have to talk to you from time to time to cover up the awkward silence. They won’t pretend to be interested why and where you are travelling; instead, they would be a source of complete entertainment for you the entire flight. I mean, come on! Doggos can cheer ANYONE up, so how can we expect to be bored around those cute little super-excited things?

With that said, scroll on below and take a look at some people who unexpectedly sat next to some of the best boys of all time!


Imagine being as lucky as this guy taking the picture!

Oh my god. My eyes have been blessed.

Honestly, the only good boi I’d share my food with.

“Wow doing me a educate.”

Well, well, well. What do we have here?

“Please train me to fight against the dark side of the force, master.”

But good boys should travel for free!

This is sure to bring good luck.

Just look how happy he is!

Is it just me or is the temperature rising pretty fast?

Dreams do come true!

I would pet him 11/10.

Have you ever traveled with your best buddy before? Or have you ever been lucky enough to travel with a good boy? Let us know in the comments below.

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