14 people who proved that they have no idea how the female body works

Education in America is already a joke.

However, in regards to the female anatomy, it looks like people went above and beyond with their ignorance. In fact, even I’m shocked by the explanations people come up with. And it’s not just guys either, that would be understandable, even women don’t know how their bodies work.

#1 This guy who thinks you can stop menstrual cycles by starving yourself


#2 Redditor _ashtan had to explain that women don’t pee out of their clitoris

I just taught my sister-in-law (26) and my husband (31) that women do not, in fact, pee from the clit. What are the most ridiculous ideas you’ve heard about the female body?

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#3 Redditor thumper5 then replied about a story about a boyfriend

That you can “hold” your period blood the same way you can hold your pee. I had an incredibly stupid boyfriend once that wouldn’t stop at a gas station on our way someplace because he thought I could just hold it til we got there.

ETA: that women only use one pad/tampon per period. That pads/tampons/etc aren’t necessary hygiene items.

(Source: Reddit)

#4 lady-linux shared this wonderful message about this woman who has great insight


#5 User pizzaoverload shared a youtube reply to a comment by a lady called Chris

Chris, I know I am male but I have always had somehow an internal sensing that women’s period is blood that is not up to standard and the body must get rid of it. As well as many females think something is wrong with them when they don’t have a period something tells me if your detoxing well through exercise and clean diet that if the body has clean blood and there is nothing to recycle out you just won’t have a period. Just like a lot of women of little bodyfat. I think a female loses their period because the body is that clean and detoxed. I see it as a good thing if this is the case. If this is the case then most females just are not optimal detoxed and the body has to force it through a period to keep the system clean. What are your thoughts is this possible? With Love JC.

#6 Redditor wicksa is a labor and delivery nurse, and she had a host of horror stories

Oh, my time to shine! I am an L&D nurse and I hear some weird shit, especially from teen moms.

“My friend told me that if I douched with sprite after having sex, I couldn’t get pregnant.” – 16 year old in labor

“I tried to schedule a c section because my pussy is really tight and I know a baby ain’t gonna fit through there. The doctor wouldn’t let me.” The baby did indeed fit with no assistance (meaning no vaccuum or forceps, a doctor was totally there haha).

5 foot tall 120 lb girl who looks so pregnant it’s like she swallowed a beach ball, hasn’t had her period in 9+ months, is sexually active, shows up to ER with abdominal pains (contractions!): “I didn’t know I was pregnant.”

“I’m not going to breastfeed because I am afraid it will turn me on too much. I like nipple play during sex.” 

#7 This self-proclaimed “smart guy.”

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  1. This is the first time I’ve ever seen people I actually know on one of these lists…and I’m related to two of them. My family sucks. At least they’re on the same conversation, I guess?

  2. Why does no one know what actually causes periods? It’s simple: the uterus creates the endometrium, aka the ’tissue’ that will later become the placenta in case the person gets pregnant. This tissue is, of course, filled to the brim with capillaries and veins through which the fetus would receive the nutrients from their mom, again, in case the person gets pregnant. So, when the endometrium, plus all this capillaries filled with EXTRA BLOOD THE BODY HAS MADE BECAUSE THAT’S THE NORMAL CYCLE OF A HEALTHY UTERUS, goes unused, the person bleeds and gets rid of all that extra blood that was created for the fetus. It is not ‘unclean’ blood that needs to get out (it’s not pee, for God’s sake), it’s unused blood.
    Seriously, I am 13 and know more than a lot of adult people.

  3. Fun fact as to why period cramps hurt lol. It’s literally your vagina strangling itself XD. When I found that out from my Doc I was like “0-0 you’re kidding me”. But it’s true. In order to force the Blood out your vagina deprives itself of oxygen

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