PETA Asks Twitter For Reasons To Eat Bacon But It Backfires Horribly

PETA can be passive aggressive sometimes.

People have different eating habits. We eat loads of foods that are horrible for us but we can’t stop indulging in their goodness. Bacon might be that food for some people. We all know that it is not good for us but we just can’t help ourselves.

I also understand the other side. PETA wants to save animal lives but they have a history of lying about it, which makes anything they do very, very suspicious. Many people are vegetarians and vegans, including me, actually, but I don’t go preaching that to others. Neither should PETA, at least not so forcibly.

But I don’t think they learned, since they just got done challenging the public to give their best argument for eating bacon. As you can probably tell, it backfired horribly.

PETA Committing Suicide.

Can you imagine how long they lasted? Not even a minute. People don’t like PETA to begin with but this question was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The sass was palpable.

Even Ben Shapiro Joined In Who Doesn’t Even Eat Bacon.

Asking The Real Questions Here The Blaze’s Matt Walsh.

I Think That About Sums It Up For Some People.

It’s Tasty, I guess?

This Looks Creepy On So Many Levels.

USA TODAY’s Michael Schwab Presented A Really Good Argument.

Even a senator got in on the action.

Bacon And Happiness Are Directly Related To Each Other.

When An Angry Vegan Told The Senator, “I Hope You Choke On It.” The Following Was His Reply.

That Is Some Sound Reasoning Right Here.

People Just Want To Annoy PETA.

Have You Ever Tried Though? You Won’t Know Until You Try It.

Authors Note:

We at Rearfront support everyone whether they are vegetarians, carnivores or vegans and even pescatarians. Rather than arguing with each other, lets just try to get along with each other. You might be surprised as to how easy it is. We also, however, don’t condone aggressively shoving your beliefs down other people’s throats. 



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    • People Exploiting Tasty Animal so they can collect a paycheck while trying to make other people sad about their dietary choices.

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