10+ Girls Share “Pics I Take Of My Boyfriend Vs Pics He Takes Of Me” And Every Girl Can Relate

Always know your angles.

That is what many experts say. However, what are you supposed to do when the designated photographer isn’t telling you your angles and whether you look good or not? That is what many girls around the world have realized. The fact that their boyfriends are not really interested in taking good pictures of them.

That also shows a huge difference when you look at the pictures their girlfriends take of them. There might be a psychological reason behind this, but I have no idea what that is so scroll on below and take a look at these pictures.

#1 Hungry.

Via GraceSkube

#2 Beautiful eyes.

Via s-poon 4

#3 Soul.

Via annaclendening

#4 Blurry.

Via ztadile

#5 Foodie.

Via tabspon

#6 Snapshot.

Via _hemena_

#7 Dining.

Via miss_massimino

#8 Posing.

Via aleeomo

#9 Chilling.

Via mamibadescu

#10 Itchy.

Via _sab13_

#11 You.

Via sammkrahn23

#12 Napping.

Via izobelham

#13 Scared.

Via jadentolson

#14 Lighting.

Via sophsxoxo

#15 Field.

Via beansproutfiend

#16 Burger.

#17 Chopsticks.

Via mista_jitsta

#18 Lens flare.

Via Angel DelaCruz Java

#19 Pain.

Via sharndeep_c

#20 Instagram worthy.

Via AlexCozadd

#21 Overexposed.

Via ___yuh__

#22 Hair flip fail.

Via Its_Anthonia

#23 Formal.

Via svndrasz

#24 Candid.

Via oliviafarmerr_

#25 Roadside.

Via Mary May Legaspi Poblete

#26 Busy eating.


#27 Nervous.

Via brittanyaff

#28 Chilli.

Via yunglynnx

#29 Night out.

Via kcrnj

#30 Unique take.

Via hannabalbona

I personally think some of the boyfriend ones are actually more unique than what their girlfriends took but then again it is just one person’s opinion. What do you think? Comment down below and let us know.

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