10+ Senior Doggos That Are So Handsome That It’ll Make Your Heart Smile

People don’t like to adopt old dogs.

Which is sad, to say the least. Because that means many shelters don’t help these senior dogs that need a home like any other puppy. Now, I know what you’re gonna say. Puppies are the cutest, and they are so energetic in that time of their life.

Well, that is true, but that does not mean an older dog is any less adorable, and they still live their life to the fullest. That’s more than what you can say for humans. Age doesn’t matter when you’re a man’s best friend after all.

So scroll on below and get ready to marvel at the sight of these majestic senior dogs.

#1 Thirteen-year-old gal.

Via timberviolence

#2 Aging gracefully.

Via Petey09

#3 On her ‘retirement’.

Via DeadskinsDave

#4 When you can’t go for a walk.

Via CagSwag

#5 A second chance.

Via ro_bopanda

#6 On a ride alone.

Via tazerpruf

#7 18th birthday.

Via funkadelic9413

#8 Everlasting love.

Via Tyindorset

#9 Doggo with vitiligo.

Via smokestacks

#10 Mane of a 17-year-old.

Via popek123

#11 The same cheeky grin.

Via themostaveragehuman

#12 A leaf for you.

Via ZaevaSarain

#13 Shadow standing proud.

Via james122345

#14 Looking for love.

Via kiiirsten

#15 New best friend.

Via gunslingergirl19

#16 Working hard.

Via zerhio

#17 Playing on the bed.

Via grishnaklugburz

#18 Sleeping under the Christmas tree.

Via DragoonPhoenix

#19 Relaxing in a pool.

Via Fiasko21

#20 Nineteen-year-old good boy.

Via El_Guapalo

#21 Smile from Sadie.

Via mac_is_crack

#22 A new friend.

Via Scotty367

#23 Snoop dog look-alike.

Via Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

#24 Stuck in the snow.

Via coach_styles

#25 Just turned 13.

Via Trollarch1Report

#26 Little Husky.

Via mildpandemic

#27 17-year-old puppy.

Via queenwavvvy

#28 Big bear.

Via powaqua

#29 First and last adventure.

Via SirDitamus

#30 Before and after.

Via MyCatIsFamous

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