Pizza Guy Messes Up This Polite Customer’s Order So Company Gave Him A Hilarious Punishment

Nothing is worse than receiving a messed up order after you’ve waited and fantasised about your food for so long!

I mean, that is just straight-up infuriating and I don’t even need to stress on just how important it is to have a freshly baked and a perfectly boxed pizza when you’ve ordered one because anything other than that is totally unacceptable. Now, many of us have experienced this and I think we can all agree that it is truly frustrating. Imagine, you’ve just come home exhausted after a long day at work. So, you order a delicious pizza and wait a solid 30 minutes just for it to be totally messed up? That’s unfair.

Now, I don’t have to state the obvious, but anyone who receives a pizza like that would be very angry but definitely not the guy in the following post. You see, upon receiving a totally ruined pizza this guy refused to accept a new one in return. However, to compensate for the inconvenience, the company came up with a hilarious solution and I think it serves everyone just about right!

Scroll down and check it out.

If this were my order, I’d go crazy.

But this guy was so polite that his sole intention was to let them know that his order was not right. That’s all!

I mean, who even refuses free pizza?!

Honestly, I wish I was as calm as this guy.

Anyway, to solve the matter the pizza company came up with a hilarious idea which resulted in mutual agreement.

Yep, that serves him right. That’s what you get for delivering a bad pizza.

Do you think this was the right punishment or should they have thought of something else? Let us know in the comments below.

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