Photographer Clicks Stunning Photos Of Abandon Places Taken Over By Nature

Nature always steps in when humans fail to succeed.

There’s no doubt that humans have indeed ruined earth to a considerable extent. If we compare the earth today to that of thousands of years ago, we will hardly recognize it as the same place. However, one thing is for sure that after we ruin or nearly destroy some part of the earth, nature takes it’s time and restores its natural beauty. And if you find that hard to believe the following photos will perhaps change your mind.

You see, Romain Thiery has captured absolutely breathtaking photos of places that were first abandoned by humans and then taken over by nature and believe me when I tell you that the beauty that lies within these pictures can’t be put into words.

“I have been traveling around Europe for almost 10 years in search of forgotten heritage places. Here you find a series of photographs where nature mixes with human’s built environment,” said

So scroll on below and see these mesmerizing photos yourself. | Instagram | Facebook

Covered in green.


A description straight out of a novel.

Great hall from Harry Potter?

Nature is indeed beautiful.

“I am Groot.”

Scenes from the great gatsby?

Into the wild.

Stairways to ‘heaven.’

Bumper cars.

Is this where one can enjoy dewy-petrichor?

Coffee table.

Power Plant IM – Charleroi, Belgium.

Captivating wreckage.



A room covered in algae.

Beautiful destruction.

Doesn’t it look more like a painting?

Old train carriage.



Basketball court?

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