10+ Purrfect Vet Signs About Cats That Are Hilariously Accurate

What is better than a cat?

Punny jokes about cats of course! While I am sure you have seen many jokes and memes about cats as the Internet was built upon this foundation. What makes these all the more hilarious is the fact that they are actually being used as a vet sign! So if you are in the mood for a good laugh, you have come to the right place.

From calling out cats in their nonsense behaviour to using puns to drum up some business, these vets sure know how to make everyone who passes by happy. I won’t waste your time any longer, so scroll on below and take a look at these definite vet signs.

Source: Eatliver

#1 She would probably get a tough competition from other cats.

#2 This might actually be a good cat pun.

#3 And always wanting to be let in or out.

#4 They ain’t wrong!

#5 And they will mess you up!

#6 Nobody likes a Cheetah!

#7 Or perhaps a butler.

#8 An unbreakable record, to say the least.

#9 Then again, the dye is always in.

#10 Maybe he wanted some ‘DNA’ tests.

#11 Always call a purremedic!

#12 To be honest, they usually don’t go anywhere.

#13 Not without a date first.

#14 It is a very important discussion.

#15 Who doesn’t?

#16 That is just hurtful.

#17 And nobody likes that.

What did you think about these vet signs? Did you find them punny? Comment down below and let us know.

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