Here Are Not So Sexy, Racist And Homophobic Tweets From Blake Shelton’s Twitter That’ll Make You Hate Him

What was the People magazine thinking?

Apparently, they weren’t thinking at all since they did give Blake Shelton the title of the sexiest man alive of 2017. I personally don’t think sexy only mean physical attributes. The beauty of a person includes their intelligence, habits and beliefs.

Blake Shelton, however, is not doing great in any of those regards. So what were they really thinking when they give him this title? In the August of 2016, a twitter account @MusicFactsTea blasted some screenshots taken between 2009 and 2011 which exposed Shelton’s opinions on homosexuality.

Seems like a good idea.

He thinks he is funny? Wait, what?

You can’t see, but I am facepalming right now.

That makes complete sense.

And that matters because?

How does he have gay followers?

Because caramel latte coincides with homosexuality. Right…

Several other even more disturbing tweets were documented by Twitter account @rhea_xcx. Yes, even more disturbing.

Haha, that is so funny.

Are you going to stop eating lucky charms if he is?

I’m glad you think so!

This might be the worst offender.

Does he really think every gay man thinks he is sexy? Not even straight women think he is good looking. And that attitude surely doesn’t help. No, it’s not over yet as we have more tweets where he is being a racist jerk.

Why don’t you try learning his language?

You know that knowing just one language doesn’t make you perfect, right?

Yes, he did apologize for the tweets. But that was five years later, and it was too little too late. Also, he was 40, so he doesn’t get to make the ‘I was immature’ argument. Many people still defended that he was just being ‘funny’.

Last time I checked, being funny has nothing to do with being a homophobic racist. But maybe that’s just me. What are your thoughts on his past tweets and him being named the sexiest man alive in 2017?


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